Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Never Forgotten...

Today was, the greatest entertainer that ever lived, Michael Jackson's Memorial Service at the Staple Center in LA =*( .. It was an amazing ceremony and I was def. crying throughout the whole thing ** When his daughter Paris got on the mic I nearly fell out..

Michael is an amazing force and I say "is" because he is still with us in spirit... From Stevie to the little boy from "Britain's Got Talent" to Jennifer Hudson, it was all very emotional and heartfelt.

Here is the video of Stevie Wonder singing "I'd Never Dreamed You'd Leave in the Summer" ... Stevie's voice is so soothing to me, I guess that is why I picked to post this video out of all of them...and I know as MJ watched it all he is smiling and I hope he realizes that he will never be forgotten..

Rest in Paradise Michael Jackson, absolutely the best entertainer in my life time...

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